About Us

Welcome to Unlocking Silent Histories, a youth-led, youth-envisioned model designed to honor Indigenous knowledge and traditions by immediately including youth in defining what and how they learn as well as what films they will create. Burgeoning young filmmakers, ages 10 - 18, explore themes that they identify as important to their communities and our future, direct their own video investigations, and produce their own stories in the form of short films. This is achieved through a critical media literacy, technology, and leadership curriculum toolkit, that develops youths’ analytical, technical, and leadership skills. Join us on our journey to break educational, filmming, and leadership boundaries listening to the voices of youth.



Through an engaged critical and creative process, we inspire Indigenous youth to create documentary films that capture and illuminate their cultures, languages, and customs.

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Young producers participating in the Unlocking Silent Histories program lead the process, deciding which traditions and heritages to preserve and which methods are best to apply.

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Get Involved

There are many ways for you to take action through collaborating with us, hosting and attending events, or investing in the voices of Indigenous youth.

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We believe that leadership starts from within. We hire local program leaders and mentors to actively contirbute to our vision and practices. Meet our leadership teams.

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